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Tune in every Sunday to our Gospel Program and let the uplifting melodies and inspiring messages guide you to a place of serenity and spiritual reflection. Whether you’re seeking solace, encouragement, or simply a moment of peace, our program is here to nourish your soul and uplift your spirits. Join us as we journey together through the timeless songs of faith and the powerful words of gospel wisdom. Let the music be your companion on this journey of spiritual renewal. Tune in, and let your heart be lifted by the grace of gospel music.

14 Jul 2024, 11:39pm

14 Jul 2024, 11:39pm Sunday Gospel

8 Jul 2024, 1:10am

8 Jul 2024, 1:10am Sunday Gospel

30 Jun 2024, 7:43pm

30 Jun 2024, 7:43pm Sunday Gospel

24 Jun 2024, 1:21am

24 Jun 2024, 1:21am Sunday Gospel


Step back in time and immerse yourself in the timeless melodies of faith with our Old Version of Sunday Gospel Program. Transporting listeners to an era of nostalgia and reverence, this program celebrates the rich heritage of traditional hymns and spiritual songs. From soul-stirring classics to cherished hymns of yesteryears, each note resonates with the echoes of generations past.

Old Version

14 Jul 2024

14 Jul 2024 Sunday Gospel Program- Old Version

8 Jul 2024

8 Jul 2024 Sunday Gospel Program- Old Version

24 Jun 2024

24 Jun 2024 Sunday Gospel Program- Old Version

17 Jun 2024

17 Jun 2024 Sunday Gospel Program- Old Version