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If you’re a fan of good old Rock ‘n’ Roll then you’re in for a treat, turn up the volume and let the good times roll with 4CRB’s Rock and Roll extravaganza!

25 May 2024, 3:59pm

25 May 2024, 3:59pm Rock 'n' Roll

18 May 2024, 3:59pm

18 May 2024, 3:59pm Rock 'n' Roll

11 May 2024, 3:59pm

11 May 2024, 3:59pm Rock 'n' Roll

4 May 2024, 3:59pm

4 May 2024, 3:59pm Rock 'n' Roll


Don Glover

About Don:
35 years in media, on air and off air, in management and Sales & Marketing Manager for Radio and Television. 10 years in senior management working for Village Roadshow in their Home entertainment division as National Sales Director. Moved from the Central Coast 6 years ago to Hope Island.

Hobbies and Interests:
Interests are cycling, golf, classic cars and Smooth Jazz.

Why Community Radio:
It’s always been a big part of my working life and working with Coast FM community radio was my first step 10 yrs ago. Working with 4CRB was the next logical step. 4CRB offers the right format for the over 55s and the lifestyle morning programs a a real point of difference to the opposition. In previous roles of on air, sales and marketing, this give me the opportunity to work with like minded people, a great team of people good product for the over 55’s. As our format is 55 + its important to remember what music they grew up with, letting a song take them back to their ‘Younger Years’ plus keeping them informed all of the time.

Favourite Music:
Music favourites, music from the 70s, 80’s & 90 plus the Smooth Jazz category.