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Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the moonlit melodies as we curate a playlist that transcends time and space – offering you comfort and companionship throughout the moonlit hours.

12 Jun 2024

12 Jun 2024 Night Owls

11 Jun 2024

11 Jun 2024 Night Owls

10 Jun 2024

10 Jun 2024 Night Owls

9 Jun 2024

9 Jun 2024 Night Owls

8 Jun 2024

8 Jun 2024 Night Owls

7 Jun 2024

7 Jun 2024 Night Owls

6 Jun 2024

6 Jun 2024 Night Owls


Kate Rigby

Hello, I’m Kate Rigby

I’d like to start by saying what a privilege it is to be a part of this Community Radio Station, 4CRB. I have been a volunteer announcer since late 2016 and it gives me so much joy to play a small role in bringing the gift of music to you. 4CRB is like a huge extended family who treasures its family members, you our supporters and listeners, and I love being part of that. To be able to play music that brings a smile, relaxes, or conjures up some happy memories is very satisfying. On a personal note, I am a widow and have one son who lives overseas. Needless to say, 4CRB is a very important part of my life and is definitely my “happy place”. Oh, I also have a very cute, but sometimes quite naughty cat. In my down time I am learning a foreign language, and I simply love chasing a little white ball around the golf course.

Oliver Farrow

Bruce Rogers

Welcome, I am Bruce Rogers and I have been at 4CRB for over twenty years now – I have enjoyed very minute of it and met some lovely people during that time.

I have been in the industry for most of my working life, starting at 4ZR Roma back in the early 60’s where I learned a lot about the radio industry and how it worked thanks to my mentor and manager at the time, Cecil Taylor. And I also was at 4AK Toowoomba as a presenter and sales consultant. I also worked at 4LM Mt Isa when it was color radio where I got some very interesting experience. I also worked for DDQ television in Toowoomba for a long time as a presenter and sales consultant – in those days, you did everything and enjoyed it.

My favorite music is popular and country – favorite band is the Beatles and Monkees.

Our listeners mean everything to me because without them we have nothing. I have met some wonderful people during my career both here and other stations.

Keep on listening – it keeps you young and in love.