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Dennis Morrell

Hello, I’m Dennis Morrell

I have been blessed with a stepdaughter and two wonderful grandchildren. They are a credit to their parents and everything my dear departed wife wanted them to be.

Hilton & Dulcie took a big risk giving me a start in 2018. Having tried my hand as a labourer, a crane driver, a factory worker, a medical orderly, a garbo, a bus driver, a copier technician, a barman, a field consultant, an accountant, a financial controller, an auditor, director, manager, paymaster and now Tax Agent, it was high time I gave something back to the community. I love radio announcing because it’s so direct. The saying “smile when you say hello because people hear it in your voice,” is so apt.

I spent five years with Reg Grundy Group in Sydney helping management profit from : game shows, movies, documentaries, feature films, dramas, product launches and entertainment centres via promotions and merchandising. It taught me communication is so critical to the survival of our society.
I love all animals God has blessed us with: dogs, cats, cattle, goats, sheep and especially TB horses. The pets we love, or have loved, occupy a special place in our hearts for a reason.

I love all music because it is how God gifts us to express ourselves. In particular I admire singers like Hank Williams who not only wrote their music, but played it with feeling. The lyrics speak volumes of the difficulties they faced in life. We must not forget our listeners face those same difficulties every day.

Inba Subramoney

Greetings! I originally came from South Africa and, after a quarter-century in New Zealand, I’ve recently began on a new chapter in the beautiful Australia. Over the years, my journey has taken me from the realms of education, where I honed my skills as a dedicated teacher, to the dynamic world of IT and the intricacies of classroom design.

In my latest pursuit, I’m focusing on one of my many passions – music and being on radio. Beyond the radio, my life is adorned with an array of interests. Travelling the globe, crafting culinary delights in the kitchen, having a swing on the golf course and getting lost in the pages of a compelling book.

Sean Hoschke

Greetings! I’m Sean, a fresh face at 4CRB since 2023, making the exciting transition from the world of secondary school English teaching to contribute to the community in a whole new light.

With a passion for surfing and a deep appreciation for live music aficionado, my diverse musical palate spans from Radio Birdman and Sunnyboys rock, to the seminal works of Royal Crown Review, Fela Kuti, and the Warumpi Band.

Upon embracing the unique opportunity to be part of the 4CRB family, I’m thrilled by the strong sense of community here. Having spent years shaping young minds in the classroom, volunteering at 4CRB allows me to contribute to the community in a different yet equally meaningful way. I encourage our listeners to connect with the incredible staff and volunteers who make up the workforce of the station.

Bruce Rodgers

Welcome, I am Bruce Rogers and I have been at 4CRB for over twenty years now – I have enjoyed very minute of it and met some lovely people during that time.

I have been in the industry for most of my working life, starting at 4ZR Roma back in the early 60’s where I learned a lot about the radio industry and how it worked thanks to my mentor and manager at the time, Cecil Taylor. And I also was at 4AK Toowoomba as a presenter and sales consultant. I also worked at 4LM Mt Isa when it was color radio where I got some very interesting experience. I also worked for DDQ television in Toowoomba for a long time as a presenter and sales consultant – in those days, you did everything and enjoyed it.

My favourite music is popular and country – favourite band is the Beatles and Monkees.

Our listeners mean everything to me because without them we have nothing. I have met some wonderful people during my career both here and other stations.

Keep on listening – it keeps you young and in love!