Magic memories is a blast from your musical past where all the songs you hear are guaranteed to give you nostalgia of the good old days.

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15 Jul 2024, 6:31pm

15 Jul 2024, 6:31pm Magic Memories

12 Jul 2024, 6:31pm

12 Jul 2024, 6:31pm Magic Memories

11 Jul 2024, 6:31pm

11 Jul 2024, 6:31pm Magic Memories

10 Jul 2024, 6:31pm

10 Jul 2024, 6:31pm Magic Memories

9 Jul 2024, 6:31pm

9 Jul 2024, 6:31pm Magic Memories


Clyde Mckenzie

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Ron Widmer

Welcome! My name is Ron Widmer.

I joined 4CRB as a volunteer late-night announcer back in 2018, and since then, it’s been an incredible journey. My background includes teaching at secondary and tertiary levels in South Australia, NSW, and the ACT.

Outside of the radio world, I’m passionate about coaching rugby, athletics, hitting the gym, and indulging in my love for playing in rock bands—a passion I’ve nurtured for over fifty years.

Prior to my time at 4CRB, I served as a community radio announcer at QBNFM and Valley FM in the Canberra region. What draws me to radio is its intimacy; we get to share good music and connect with our friends, the listeners.

At 4CRB, we wholeheartedly embrace the celebration of life through music in all its forms. We take pride in being an inclusive community that welcomes listeners of all races, religions, ages, backgrounds, and alternative lifestyles.

Onwards and upwards!

Merryn Crawford