4CRB’s Classical program has been revitalised, with the introduction of Captain Robert Cowley. Captain Rob came to 4CRB from another community station, with a passion for showing listeners, Classical / Pop Crossover Connections.

For Example ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’; but really; – Chopins Fantaisie Impromptu or ‘Bette Midler’s The Rose’ – in reality; Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto No 1 – 2nd Movement.

For those who love classical music, and those who haven’t yet discovered its beauty, Captain Rob will take you on a flight of fancy aboard QF893 in classical music.

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Captain Robert Cowley

Captain T. R. Cowley – Known fondly as Captain Rob

About Robert:
Joined RAAF Air Cadets at school in 1957, hired by Qantas 1963. Married English girl, moved to UK and later USA, converting Australian; – DCA licence to United States FAA licence Nr 2525211. After command on various Twin propellor and twin Turbine airplanes, became a First Officer on 2 Engine Jets and later Captain on Lockheed 4 Engine Jets; [USA and Europe] retiring as a Trans-Atlantic Check and Training Captain.

Hobbies and Interests:
Interest: – Science of the Universe and Hobbies, Writing! – My first Poem was published when I was 12 and then between 2012 & 2019, I spent 7 years, researching and writing my first Book; a 346 Page work, titled – Why Anything – Why Not Nothing – first published 2019 and in that same year, the World’s largest Library, the United States Library of Congress, approved and assigned it; Control Nr; 2019913640.

Fun Facts:
I am a fun guy!

Hidden Talents:
Took a sabbatical to attend a US Christian University and I am now an ordained ‘Judæo Christian Minister’ & ‘Doctor of Divinity’ HC. From 18, to pay my way through flying studies and build hours, I was successful in Melbourne, acting in TV commercials, etc; – Pat Carroll and I got the contract as the Cadbury’s Kids. She was Olivia Newton-John’s early singing partner – the Pat & Olivia Duo. Pat’s husband John Farrar and myself, both attended Essendon High School in Essendon Vic’. I acted in plays on the ABC and played a lead role in School for Scandal at the then Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne. When I had accumulated enough flying hours, I was hired as a Qantas Cadet. Finally, both before and since retiring, I have given dozens of Key Note Addresses; to; – Corporations, Clubs, Charities, Institutions, Military and Service Organisations, et al.

Favourite Music/Band/Songs:
Music – Classical / Band – The Beatles / Songs – many Opera Arias and Neil Diamond – Judith Durham – Joan Baez and Bob Dylan songs.

What the listeners mean to Robert:
In a WORD – Everything – Their enjoyment is my motivation, I ponder carefully each week, to consider programme balance, learning & teaching segments and Music my listeners, will hopefully enjoy. I know without their support and enjoyment of my programme, I would not be On AIR.