Dive into the intricacies of vehicular value with our captivating talkback segment, “What’s Your Car Worth,” hosted by the knowledgeable Adam Hall on 4CRB. Whether you’re navigating the realms of private sales, contemplating a trade, insurance purposes, Centrelink, or any combination thereof, Adam is your go-to guide in the automotive valuation maze. With a knack for breaking down the complexities of car worth, he navigates through the nuances of each scenario, helping listeners make informed decisions. Ring in for invaluable insights, tips, and practical advice that will empower you in maximising the worth of your wheels in any situation.

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20 Feb 2024, 2:51pm

20 Feb 2024, 2:51pm What's Your Car Worth

13 Feb 2024, 2:07pm

13 Feb 2024, 2:07pm What's Your Car Worth

9 Feb 2024, 4:38pm

9 Feb 2024, 4:38pm What's Your Car Worth

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