Supreme Court Judge David Ashton Lewis, lends us a unique point of view on News Commentary, Historical aspects and Society and Culture.

Previous Programs

18 Apr 2024, 11:19am

18 Apr 2024, 11:19am The Judge – Forgiveness Forgiveness

4 Apr 2024, 2:53pm

4 Apr 2024, 2:53pm The Judge – Agenda 21 Agenda 21

28 Mar 2024, 1:21pm

28 Mar 2024, 1:21pm The Judge – Why Is Our Justice System Flawed Compared To Others Why Is Our Justice System Flawed Compared to Others

14 Mar 2024, 11:18am

14 Mar 2024, 11:18am The Judge – Respecting The Law & The Beauty Of Life David talks further on last week's topic, and for a nice change of pace also talks about the intricacies of life.

7 Mar 2024, 10:39am

7 Mar 2024, 10:39am The Judge – The Publics Right To Know David talks about a recent event that occurred and brings to question the public's right to know.

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