4CRB has four professional broadcast studio’s to support it’s radio broadcasting, however, the majority of which are not in use all of the time. Due to this, we have decided to open our facilities and technical know how to the public. So, if you have considered producing your own collection or series of audio recordings. This can be in the form of a podcast, an audio book, something for your website, something for social media or something for your business. We have the facilities for you!

Why use 4CRB’s Studio’s?

  • Professional sound quality
  • Expert guidance and advice
  • Access to quality equipment
  • Control over the environment
  • Optimised acoustics
  • Superior editing
  • Gain a professional edge

4CRB’s studio’s can cater for 1 to 5 people recording consecutively, the ability to hook in telephone conversations via a terrestrial phone call or WhatsApp for better quality. Whatever your specific requirements are we are confident we can provide it.


  • By the hour: $90 plus GST per hour
  • Half-day: $330 plus GST for 4 hours
  • Full-day: $620 plus GST for 8 hours
  • Editing: $100 plus GST
  • Podcast publishing: $50 plus GST

Your next step is to give us a call on (07) 55208888, or send us an email [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements.