Embark on a one-hour journey of exploration with Russ Walkington as your guide. Join him for a travel-inspired hour and gather inspiration for your next adventure!

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Russ Walkington

Greetings! I’m Russ Walkington. I was born in Sydney just after Marconi introduced “The Wireless.” My radio journey has weathered the transitions from AM to Top Forty and Talkback, and today, you can still catch me on 89.3 FM. Blessed with a wonderful family of 5 kids and 7 grandkids, they call me their “Antique Record Player.”

Apart from radio, I’ve always had a passion for talking, leading me to found Toastmasters Clubs in Australia, and also a member of the Gold Coast Jazz and Blues Club, though I’m still patiently waiting for someone to ask me to play!

One of the most unique aspects of my journey is the time I spent teaching a Grasshopper to talk, and remarkably, he paid my rent for 25 years!

I love the easy soft rock of the Eagles, and I can’t get enough of the Smooth Jazz that 4CRB plays on Monday nights. But beyond the music, what truly makes it all worthwhile is the listeners. There’s nothing quite like receiving feedback from them, knowing that they genuinely enjoy what we do. It’s the connection with our audience that makes this journey so fulfilling.