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Get ready to have the best Start to your Saturday mornings from here on in with Wayne Lieberman giving you a lively morning with the music to match as well as prizes to win from the Saturday brain teaser.

8 Jun 2024, 6:59am

8 Jun 2024, 6:59am Kickstart Your Saturday's With Wayne

1 Jun 2024, 6:59am

1 Jun 2024, 6:59am Kickstart Your Saturday's With Wayne

25 May 2024, 6:59am

25 May 2024, 6:59am Kickstart Your Saturday's With Wayne

18 May 2024, 6:59am

18 May 2024, 6:59am Kickstart Your Saturday's With Wayne


Kickstart Your Saturday's With Wayne

G’day I’m Wayne Lieberman.

In 2010, I began a fulfilling journey with 4CRB as a volunteer, initially contributing to the Local News segment by crafting news bulletins alongside a remarkable team. Our modest newsroom, led by Russ Walkington, comprised two dedicated journalists, including a visually impaired colleague and her guide dog Ebony. Over the years, our team has grown to six talented volunteer journalists and readers, broadcasting bulletins six days a week. New technology has allowed us to enhance our efficiency, broadcast early breakfast bulletins from home and stay in bed a little longer. As the go-to urgent backup, I ensure that our listeners receive uninterrupted local news bulletins, thanks to the best technology available to the news team.

Beyond the newsroom, my involvement extends to training Volunteer Announcers and hosting talkback programs – two musical gigs, “Friday Get Together” and “Saturday Breakfast – KickStart your Saturday,” I contribute wherever needed, embracing various aspects of the station’s operations.

Outside the radio world, my heart belongs to tennis, and, more recently, Pickleball. When it comes to satisfying my palate, Asian stir fry paired with a cold black ale tops the list.

Above all, my love for 4CRB is rooted in the opportunity it provides us to serve and entertain the community through music, talkback, local news, and Gospel messaging.