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Trish Shaw

Hello, my name is Trish Shaw.

In 1974, I made the vibrant Gold Coast my home, and it was in 1985 that I took a significant step by purchasing a Regent Taxi. The journey behind the wheel continued until 2005 when I decided to part ways with it. Throughout those years, I encountered countless wonderful individuals, absorbing valuable lessons through listening and engaging in conversations.

One remarkable influence in my life was a lady named Ivy Alcott (Fernleigh Zoo in Caringbah or Dolans Bay), who entered my world when I was just 13, she mentored me and was a big part of my life until her passing. I learnt the importance of volunteering from a young age and the profound impact one can have by letting others know they are never alone. Aunty Ivy’s wicked sense of humour left an indelible mark, spreading joy wherever she went – and all about giving.

I began my volunteering journey at 4CRB around 18 years ago during the annual Radiothon. The love for radio was kindled during Sunday evenings spent with friends involved in the Tim McNamara show at 2GB in Sydney. Joining the 4CRB family, responding to Hilton and Dulcie’s approach during an afternoon tea, has been a decision I’ve never regretted. Being part of the 4crb family is a real blessing. Working alongside dedicated staff and volunteers, we strive to offer our best as a united team. As for you our listeners, our extended family, your feedback, and encouragement fuel our passion and make this journey very worthwhile.

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